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Postnatal help for the

early days (and late nights).

Postpartum Doula Support

Parenthood brings an overwhelming amount of emotions. Stork postpartum doulas bring a level of emotional and physical support that encourages new families. Compassion, education, and even laughter can do so much for a new parent!

Customize Your Plan

Stork Postpartum services are customized to fit your family’s needs. We are happy to design a postpartum plan that works best for you.

If we connect prior to your sweet baby’s arrival, we help you create your postpartum plan through a personalized designed template and in an depth conversation. We will check in periodically to address any questions or needs you may have. We have an active online support group of current and past mamas who are ready to welcome you to the community and be there to support you along with our baby & postpartum experts! If you contact us following the birth of your sweet pea, our maternity consultant will get to know your family to match the postpartum doula/s who are right for you!

Mothers cannot give from a depleted source. Every mother needs emotional, mental, physical and spiritual validation, nourishment and support. When a mother is respected and well cared for, she, and her whole family, will benefit.”

It takes a village

Nourish & Rest

The health and well-being of each family member is our primary focus. Once you are nestled in with your newborn, we provide you with our tireless, dedicated, and compassionate care. Our goal is to help you get the rest and nourishment your body needs while you heal following a pretty big physical event! We provide reassurance to ease your mind and build your confidence as a new family. You have the option of receiving a full body massage by one of our licensed massage therapists in the comfort of your home, a daily lavender pillow spritz as well as a basket of nourishing snacks.

Navigating the 4th trimester

Our postpartum doulas are professionally trained in Newborn Care, and some are clinically trained to help you navigate the first few weeks of learning what your baby needs. As your newborn adjusts to life outside of the womb, we are there every step of the way to build your confidence as a new parent while guiding you gently without judgement. Our team of postpartum doulas have access to International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and newborn and postpartum Registered Nurses who ensure the utmost care for each Stork family.

Supporting the whole family

Adjusting to new family life can be thrilling and exciting but also comes with its challenges. Our team is here to help make the transition seamless!  They help with anything from the baby’s laundry, doing the dishes, assisting with sibling bonding or even preparing simple, nourishing meals. Their primary goal is to leave each family feeling confident and rested. Our doulas can help you with tasks such as running errands and help you get to any appointments you may have.

If you find you need support after the 4th trimester, Stork offers a custom nanny placement service to find the perfect fit for your family.